Welcome Cat Lovers!

Welcome Cat Lovers!
Learn How To Paint Fur Here!

Monday, October 29, 2012

How to Paint Fur

"You Can Paint Fur "©
CD Book and DVD Set
This  DVD book shows you how to paint fur using the Shining Feather Soft Stroke Brush Only.

These are the patterns that are included on the CD
This is a new book on CD and a DVD showing the secrets of how to paint fur with the Shining Feather Soft Stroke brush.
The DVD shows how Sharon loads her brush and the tricks she has developed to create beautiful realistic fur.
 CD Book includes 52 pages includes over 60 photos showing how to build different colored fur, from the base color up to the highlight
Includes Sharon's favorite color menu for all colors of fur using acrylics and oils
Two full instructional step-by-step patterns to paint that includes fur as seen above
and more............$26.99 includes shipping US
For International Orders go to:

Cat Patterns ePatterns

These patterns are designed to be an addition to the "You Can Paint Fur" DVD.
Once you have learned how to paint fur you can use these patterns to create beautiful cats.
Each patterns comes with
 line drawing,
List of colors used
Many up close photos
Step-by-step instructions for elements in the painting

These patterns do not tell how to use the Shining Feather Soft Stroke
They are sent to you through your email as a PDF file.

"Studio Visitor"

This says it all..."Spooky" is always into something.........Painted on canvas with acrylics

"Palette Cat"

I painted this small painting on masonite using acrylics in honor of all the cats who have walked through my palette!

"The Waif"

This cat was inspired by a small fragile looking cat I saw in my yard. I am sure she was feral because she was very skitterish. She looked so sad that I had to try to capture her sweet face.

I painted this on a large wood plate but it can be painted on any surface. It was painted with acrylics.

"Venetian Princess"

This cat was is called "Venetian Princess" it was inspired by the beautiful colored glass I saw in Venice and the many cats that roamed the city.
I painted this on a wood plate with acrylics.

"Waiting for Christmas"

This sweet cat was called "Minky" she was my companion for over 17 years, she was always sitting by me when I painted and often got into my paints, I would set up something to paint and she would get comfortable in the setting so I included her here.

"Royal Prince"

My current cat "Spooky" was the inspiration for this painting. There is something about a black cat with green eyes that facinates me!
This was painted on a wood tray with acrylics.

"Katie Bug"

This cat was a wonderful cat I owned for over 12 years. I found her roaming in an apartment complex where my daughter lived. The people who owned her had left her and gone back to Mexico. She was just a small little thing....
I took her home and guess a few months we had a litter of little furry balls!

This was painted on masonite with acrylics.

"I See You"

Yep it is "Spooky" again
Painted on canvas with acrylics

"The Eyes Have It!"

This was painted on a candle holder I purchased from Viking Wood crafts. It was for the fall holidays. I love to paint cats eyes. It was painted with acrylics.

"Egyptian Lady"

This beautiful cat was painted on Masonite with acrylics